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Vegan Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs

Quick bread crumbs to make in a blender.

Making your own bread crumbs can be a great way to reduce waste, and save a little money. For this recipe you can use stale bread, the ends of the loaf, and any bread that you have trouble getting eaten. You can also use fresh bread, it just takes a little more prep work.

Where to get vegan bread?

Finding a good store bought vegan bread is a never-ending journey. This has been a specialty item for a very long time, and the best options used to be disappointing frozen bread that never really satisfied their role. Fortunately there are a lot more options out there now, that are even being carried by some big chains. We’ve found some options that are really good. One great option is Schar Artisan White bread. It’s not too expensive and is even available on Amazon!

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How to make vegan bread crumbs?

To make your bread crumbs, you will need dry bread. This could be bread that’s gone stale or bread you dry out in the oven. If you need to dry out your bread, you want to heat the oven to a low temperature - something like 200 degrees F. Put your bread on a cookie sheet and bake until it's crisp but hasn’t started browning. This will take some patience and a watchful eye, since it depends on the bread you have and how much it needs to dry to time this step.

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Once you have dry bread, all you need to do is blend until you get a consistent mixture of crumbs. You can break up the bread before putting in the blender to make this a little easier to start. If your bread crumbs are not completely dry after mixing, you can put them in the oven once more. Again, this will need to be watched because you’re not trying to toast the bread crumbs, just dry them out.

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vegan gluten-free bread crumbs


Step 1

If you are using non-stale bread, heat oven to 200 degrees F, 93 degrees C. Bake bread until dry & crispy but not browned.

Step 2

Break bread apart and place in blender.

Step 3

Pulse to break bread up, and then blend on medium speed until desired crumb size is reached.

Step 4

If the bread crumbs are not fully dried, place back into oven and bake till dry, making sure the crumbs do not brown.


  • 1 cup stale bread or about 4-5 slices. (vegan & gluten-free)


  • blender
  • oven (optional)

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