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Comparing Vitamix Blenders (Best Vitamix for 2021)

A deep dive into what blenders Vitamix has to offer.

Vitamix is continuing to innovate the blender market and with so many features being included on their newer models

Once people make the decision to invest in a high speed blender (which is a great decision to make), the next question most likely is, "well, which one do I buy??". This question can be a daunting one to answer on your own due to the huge number of blenders on the market. In this rundown, we'll look at an overview of what Vitamix, one of the biggest providers for home blenders has to offer.

Vitamix is a powerhouse in quality-made powerful blenders. With a history that goes back 100 years, they have an impressive number of very high quality machines. As Vitamix has continued to innovate what a blender can do, their variety of blenders has increased to the point that it may be hard to find the best fit for you at first glance.

There are different lines of Vitamix blenders with different functionalities and accessories. Each will tailor to what kind of blender you want, and what fits your budget. Scroll down to learn more on what things to consider.

If you want to learn about the different Accessory packages Vitamix offers, see our guide to Vitamix Accessories.

Questions to Consider

What size of blender jar do you need?

The Vitamix line up includes many types of pitchers for different jobs. For example, there are two 64 oz. containers; one is the “low profile version”, which is shorter and wider. This is easier to store since it is not as tall as the standard version, but will not work as well for thicker mixtures like nut butters, hummus, etc.

Along with size differences, some lines of blenders accept unique pitchers that add more functionality to your blender. The Ascent series, which is the newest series from Vitamix, accepts a new food processor jar, that expands the uses of your blender that much more.

What is your budget?

Vitamix blenders range from $399.95 with their certified reconditioned blenders to $699 for their top of the line A3500 Ascent series. The great thing about Vitamix blenders, is that with the difference in price, you are not paying for an increase in performance but additional features. The range of Vitamix blenders come with the same amount of power, and will add more programs, touchscreen controls, timers, etc. as you increase the price.

Is a reconditioned Vitamix worth it?

I am impressed with Vitamix’s certified reconditioning process. They describe a 17-point checklist looking at each part of the blender base, making sure everything is up to a certain bar of quality. If anything is damaged or missing it will be replaced, and only blenders that are less than 5 years old qualify for this process. The package ships with a new cookbook package, container shell, two-part lid and tamper.

The reconditioned blenders come with a 5 year warranty. If you’d like to learn more you can click here.

Extra features?

As we went over before, with a more expensive device, you will get more features in the end. Do you want a bare bones blender, with no need for pre-programmed settings or touchscreen controls? Then go for the cheapest option of the new line-up with the Ascent 2300. Do you want the best of the best with all the new features, then the Ascent 3500 is the way to go.

The more basic models of Vitamix blenders will come with the classic speed control dial in the middle of the base, with a start/stop and pulse switch. With these controls, you can make anything on this blender that you could on a nicer model. With the nicer models you will see features like: 

  • Touchscreen controls - these are easier to clean since they are flat on the display with no cracks for food stuff to get in.

  • Pre-programmed settings - Not entirely necessary, but do bring some nice automation.

  • Self-Detect - this feature is found on the new ascent series. This lets the base wirelessly detect the Self-container being used and it will change programs accordingly.

  • Special container options - For example, the Ascent series can accept the new food processor attachment.

Quick list

Best Value

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series


A2300 Vitamix

The A2300 gives you the best bang for you buck. It has the newer features of the Ascent Series with a similar or lower price of some Legacy series models. Especially if you find this Certified Reconditioned, it is a great blender that will last you.

Best of the Best

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series


Vitamix 3500

The A3500 gives you every feature that is available for a home blender. Whether it is touchscreen or a Bluetooth app, you'll get everything Vitamix has to offer. This is a high power machine that runs the quietest on this list. It is worth it if you have the funds.

Best Budget

Vitamix E310 Explorian


Vitamix E310

For a great entry option, the E310 offers the high quality build of Vitamix, with the features that will give you everything you'll need to start making a ton of great recipes. This will be able to almost everything its more expensive counterparts can do, just without some of the automation and style.

Vitamix Line-Up

Simple breakdown of the Vitamix line-up.

Vitamix is not short on different models of blenders for your kitchen. It can be a daunting task to fully understand the different models they offer. Here I’ll give a simple breakdown of their different lines of blenders and how they differ.

There are three main lines of Vitamix blenders on sale: Legacy, Explorian, and Ascent. 

Legacy Series



series is your no frills, classic Vitamix blenders. You will see the classic dial and switches controls. These blenders blenders have a great build quality and come with a 7-year warranty. You’ll have access to Different size containers & the Aer Disc Container for whipping/foaming. 

The Legacy line has two different “platforms”: G-series and C-series. This determines the attachments that fit the model. Just make sure to check the compatibility before buying any extras. Generally, the G-series is considered to be quieter than the C-series, and the G-series tends to be more cross-compatible with other platforms.

Explorian Series



series is another classic quality setup without the fancy features. Because of this, the explorian models come at a a lower price point. They will also come with a slightly shorter warranty at 5 years. This line will ship with a smaller 48 oz. container out of the box. The Explorian line is a great entry model to start with.

Ascent Series



series has the top of the line consumer models with the newest features being added from Vitamix. These models have a built in digital time and offer touchscreen options. They also sport the new Self-Detect system. With the increased price, you’ll also see up to a 10 Year warranty with the A3500!

All Vitamix Blenders

Things to look for:

  • -Variable speed or set speed options

  • -Analog controls or touchscreen

  • -Self detect system

  • -warranty

Vitamix Ascent Series

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series


A2300 Vitamix

The A2300 is the most affordable Ascent series blender. This comes with analog switches, a variable speed dial, and the new features that accompanies the Ascent series like SELF-DETECT containers and digital timers. This is why it grabbed the title of Best Value on our list. It may not have the shiny specs of program settings, and touchscreen controls, but you will be able to use all the additional accessories available for this series. The A2300 comes with 4 color options (Black, Red, Grey, and White).

Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series


Vitamix 2500

This model is the next step up from the A2300. It still has analog switches, which some people still prefer over touchscreen controls. This model comes with 3 program settings. The A2500 comes in the same colors as the A2300.

Vitamix A3300 Ascent Series



The A3300 steps up to the premium level of home Vitamix blenders. Along with the new Ascent Series features, this blender also has touchscreen controls, which have seemed to be dependable. This model does not come with pre-programmed settings. This model comes in a Brushed Stainless Metal Finish, as well as Black, and Gray.

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series


Vitamix 3500

The A3500 is the best of the best when it comes to Vitamix home models. It has all the features of the new Ascent Series including touchscreen controls, a digital timer, and the SELF-DETECT containers. Just like all the Ascent models, the A3500 will also feature bluetooth connectivity. The A3500 comes with the most color options including Brushed Stainless Metal Finish, Copper Metal Finish, Black Stainless Metal Finish, Graphite Metal Finish, Candy Apple Red, and White.

Vitamix Explorian Series

Vitamix E310 Explorian


Vitamix E310

The E310 comes in as our best budget model. While e310 might not be compatible with all the different containers and addons, you still get the power of a fully capable Vitamix Blender, along with the dependability. The e310 comes in the classic format with a variable speed dial with a pulse and on/off switch. The one downside of the e310 model, is it produces the most noise out of the Vitamix line up.

Vitamix Legacy Series

Vitamix 5200


Vitamix 5200

The 5200 is a the more affordable option in the Legacy Series. This model has the C-Series format, so the compatibility is not as wide as the other legacy models. You will get the classic Vitamix controls, with the dependable Vitamix power. This model does produce more noise than other models. While this is a great entry option, we recommend going for an Ascent series in the same price range if available. However you might be able to find a great deal for a Certified Reconditioned model for much cheaper.

Vitamix 7500


Vitamix 7500

The 7500 is a great option in the Legacy series. It does not come with the pre-programmed settings as its more expensive counterpart, the Professional 750. This comes in the G-Series format, so you will have compatibility with most accessories. With this being legacy series, you should be able to find a Certified Reconditioned model for a good discount.

Professional Series 750



The Professional Series 750 is the top model of the Legacy Series. This comes with the classic control scheme with a variable speed control, pulse and on/off switches, and 5 pre-programmed settings. This will come at a similar price as the Ascent Series, so if you would like to have access to the newer features, the Ascent Series would be the way to go.

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